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Should We Wait For Better Solar Power Technology?

For anyone who sees the advantages of adopting solar power, the question isn’t whether to make the investment – it’s when to take the plunge.

The media headlines make it seem like amazing new technology and drastic price cuts are close at hand, so many people think they should put home PV system installation on hold. But is waiting really a smart move?

Obviously, as a solar panel installation company, we encourage homeowners to go solar sooner rather than later. But leaving our self-interest aside, we do have good reasons for saying that you shouldn’t wait to adopt solar power.


Yes, solar power technology has been steadily improving. But the increases in efficiency are incremental – over the past several years, solar panels have only become about 3% more efficient. So, homeowners who wait for better technology are waiting on minimal gains, and at the same time, they’re missing out on energy savings.

What about the headlines that declare new innovations in PV technology have been developed? Realistically speaking, any advances announced today are nowhere near ready for production – and there’s a good chance they may never even reach the marketplace.


But wait – aren’t solar panel prices in a steep decline? That’s what the headlines would have you believe, but the costs are no longer falling as dramatically as they have in the past.

Years ago, homeowners who waited to install home PV systems saved a bundle by doing so. These days, waiting might save a few cents on the dollar at most, as prices have become more stable. Huge drops in system costs aren’t on the horizon, so holding off on adopting solar power really isn’t a good strategy for saving money.

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