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How Solar Works


1. Sunlight hits the surface of solar panels. Direct Current (DC) electricity is produced and routed to an inverter.

2. An inverter converts the electricity into alternating current (AC).

3. Meter measures the amount of electrical energy produced by the panel and monitor performance of the system.

4.  Excess solar electricity produced, which is not fully consumed by home owner, sells back to the grid. 

Benefits of Going Solar

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Save Your Electricity Bills

You will definitely save electricity bills by switching to solar. More than 75% of electricity cost is contributed by energy cost. Now you are able to generate electricity by your own solar system. Absolutely, you can reduce your energy bills.

Earn A Great Return on Investment

The rapid decline in solar price within the past 10 years has created the solar boom. The payback periods across Malaysia are typically between 4 - 8 years. You can sell your surplus electricity back to the grid. In the most houses, you could receive the negative balance on your electricity bills. 

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Protect Against Rising Energy Costs

You'll have worry-free about the fluctuating of energy cost as your solar power system generates electricity themselves. On strong sunlight day, your solar power system could power up your air condition for free. 

Protect The Environment

A typical two-person household are able to reduces their carbon emissions by 3 - 4 tons annually by installing solar power system. You can also improve your health and protect the environment by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels at your home or business.

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The time to invest in solar is now! Switching to solar is now more affordable and easier than ever! Absolute Solar understands the importance of timely execution, maintaining the integrity and the highest quality of standards within the industry. We use the most efficient and highly advanced technology that makes switching to solar an easy choice.

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