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Rooftop Solar System

Absolute Solar will conduct a rooftop analysis of your home and present you with a design package for a solar system on your roof  according to your houses azimuth (direction the rooftop faces), roof materials, roof pitch and shading area.

Canopy Solar System

By installing a solar power system in your home, you will not only help combat greenhouse gas emissions but also make profits through government subsidy programmes such as Feed-in-Tariff or Net-Energy Metering

If you wish to know what system size is suitable for you, you may use NEM Calculator.


Energy Storage System

It helps to protect you from spiking inflation by reducing your energy costs, combining increased energy efficiency with energy storage technologies that allow you to store excess energy generated during sunlight hours.

Ramesh, Johor Jaya

Absolute Solar  is very professional throughout the entire process. They did everything for us and the whole process is smooth. I haven’t paid any electric bill for 2 months already . I have never regretted to switch to solar and choose Absolute Solar .

JS Yap, Johor Bahru

The entire process was trouble free, and professionally delivered with full compliance of the electrical, fire and labor laws. It was hassle free  1 weeks for the installation to commissioning . i'm happy with Absolute Solar team.

Terrence Low, Taman Pelangi

Very pleased with this company and all parties I dealt with. Job was done quickly and clean. They even noticed a potential problem on my roof and reported it to me, with pictures. I would highly recommend them and the crew that did my installation, from sales to flipping the switch.

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