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3kW Solar Systems

  • Monthly savings = RM 170 

  • Payback period =  6 Years

  • Annual CO2 avoided = 1,735 kg

  • Roof space required = 18 sqm

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Buy now and pay it off over time.

Payments are even more regular than your current electricity bills which can help you to take more control of your budget.

With the money you’ll save on electricity you can afford to go on holiday.

**Offer is only valid until 29-Feb-2020. While Stocks Last!

Why Go Solar Now?

  • Take Control of your own Power Generation and be self-sufficient

  • Avoid electricity price increases

  • Lock in your surplus electricity buy-back price before they reduce or disappear completely

  • Help the environment by reducing our reliance on coal and other polluting power generation technologies

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