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Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy (Part 2 of 2)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

1. Solar does not work at night.

  • Some people interested in solar might wonder if, by going solar, they can live completely off the grid. This is not realistic in most applications of solar technology. While many solar companies, including Solar Era, are investing in home battery storage solutions, the batteries are not quite yet a widespread option for most homeowners. Solar energy is mostly used in real time, with any excess delivered back to the conventional utility grid. Solar households rely on utility grids for power at night and in other situations where sunlight is limited. However, for commercial solar users such as schools, government facilities and businesses, this is less of a limitation.

2. Solar panels are not attractive.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but today solar panels are generally sleek, compact and fit snugly against the roof. We take particular pride in our Solar Era @ Solar Energy System. The components can stores somewhere invisible. With the minimalist design, all components will stores in a safe and invisible place. There are some solar panels frame nearly invisible, so the panels appear to float just above the roof. Buyer also have the choice of solid black solar panels, which are have a distinctively elegant appearance.

3. You cannot install a home solar system yourself.

  • While you might think that not being able to install solar yourself is a disadvantage, letting the experts handle it turns going solar into a very simple process. (See our Three-Step Guide.) Professional solar installers have expertise designing solar systems for homes and businesses, ensuring the system captures the maximum amount of sunlight available and saves you the most money on your electricity bill. Solar Era knows the local permitting rules, so we can make that process go as smoothly as possible, and of course someone with electrical experience needs to handle the wiring. You can get a free consultation to find out what it will take to switch your home or business to solar energy.

4. My roof is not right for solar.

  • It is true that solar won't work on every building, depending on shading and roof orientation. To make the most out of your solar system, it helps to have plenty of roof space that gets a lot of sunshine. But solar companies are used to working with these issues, and you will find out in your free consultation how a solar system will best fit on your property. It is worth noting that because Solar Era solar panels are the most efficient you can buy, you need fewer of them on your roof, so you can generate more energy in a smaller space. That high efficiency also means our panels are better at generating more energy in low-light situations, such as shading, so if your roof is not fully in the sunlight, your system will still be making electricity.

5. Solar hurts the environment.

  • Solar panels are a manufactured product, and — as with any building processes — there is an environmental impact, from the chemicals used to make the panels to the transportation and beyond. However, solar is one of the least-polluting forms of energy generation available. And, Solar Era uses the most environmentally friendly solar panels possible. We raise the bar for environmental and social sustainability through the "Beneficial by Design" philosophy that aims to be a regenerative force on the environment and society. We save the environment for next generation.

6. Not all solar panels are high quality.

  • It is true there are a wide variety of panels on the market with varying levels of efficiency, durability, reliability, output and design. We strongly recommend that you do some research before selecting panels for your home or business, considering the impact of each of these factors on your system’s output and the long-term cost savings you can expect. It is worth to invest in top-quality solar panels. After all, what other technology around your home or business do you expect to still be working for you three decades from now? We are so confident in our panel quality that we offer a best-in-industry 25-year Power and Product Warranty for home or commercial use.

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