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Canopy Solar System

If your rooftop doesn't qualify or you would rather a solar system on the ground, Solar Era will also conduct an analysis using shading technologies for a ground mount solar system. This is beautiful and perfect solution to fully utilize all space you owned. 

Rooftop Solar System

Solar Era will conduct a rooftop analysis of your home utilizing shading technologies. We will present you with a design package for a solar system on your roof  according to your houses azimuth (direction the rooftop faces), roof materials, roof pitch and shading area.

Solar Canopy.jpg

Kelvin Lee

Solar Era is very professional throughout the entire process. They did everything for us and the whole process is smooth. I haven’t paid any electric bill for 2 months already and I still have excess to cover part of my water bill. I have never regretted to switch to solar and choose Solar Era .

Tiffany Low

Everything went as promised. Now the system is up and running and performing very well. I would recommend solar power, and Kent from Solar Era. All questions I’ve were answered and Kent is able to put everything together. 

George Ee

Very pleased with this company and all parties I dealt with. Job was done quickly and clean. They even noticed a potential problem on my roof and reported it to me, with pictures. I would highly recommend them and the crew that did my installation, from sales to flipping the switch.