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Why Solar Era

Picking the right partner for your residential/commercial solar project is one of the most important energy-related decisions you’ll make. From concept to completion, our award-winning team will guide you through the whole process. By adding a solar energy system to your home/building, you are essentially locking in low electricity rates for decades.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To brighten everyone with smart, simple and clean energy saving solution.

We are committed towards providing the most efficient and sustainable solar energy solution to our customers.


Solar Era is a premier solar power installation and maintenance company. We offer maintenance, warranty, and performance evaluation services on Photovoltaic ("PV") systems for our clients, as well as systems installed by other solar installers which are no longer in business. We are committed to deliver smart, efficient solar energy to all of our clients, making sure every client is educated through exceptional customer support.

We understand the importance of timely execution, maintaining the integrity and the highest quality of standards within the industry. Thus, we use the most efficient and highly advanced technology that makes switching to solar an easy choice.

Most importantly, we are committed to building meaningful, local partnerships that bring more than just energy savings to our local communities.

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