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Fronius Inverter: Review

Updated: Apr 9

Fronius is highly regarded in the solar world and generally considered the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer. This reputation is not based on sales volume, but service, quality and most importantly reliability. With the solar inverter being the most complex component in any solar systems, it is also the part most likely to develop problems. Inverter faults can be extremely frustrating for installers and customers alike and often result in complete system shutdown, hence why reliability is crucial.

All Fronius solar inverters are engineered, designed and manufactured in Austria. With over half a century of experience in inverter (welder) design and manufacturing it’s not surprising Fronius is considered an industry leader in power conversion equipment. Fronius’s history in designing high performance welding inverters provided the ideal background for moving into the solar inverter production over two decades ago with the first Fronius solar inverter released in 1994.

Fronius continued to develop a number of solar inverters but wasn’t until the release of the snap-in inverter (snapINverter) range in 2012 that Fronius really created a stir and quickly developed a strong following around the world. Up until this point SMA was widely regarded as the industry leader. SMA experienced some issues during the transition to the new generation AV series inverters and lost a lot of ground to Fronius. However, they are one of the few manufacturers which can still compete with Fronius on quality and reliability.

What are the benefits of Fronius Inverters?

Fronius Inverters are recognised as high performing inverters with higher rate of self- consumption, intelligent control of energy flows and limiting energy export to the grid. Fronius is known for its reliability and high quality products across the globe.

Is Fronius Inverters worth buying?

Fronius are certainly a premium product, and that is reflected in the price. However, do you get your money’s worth? Being one of the established companies, Fronius maintains high standards of Manufacture and products. There are a few questions I will be asking myself?

  1. Warranty – Fronius automatically comes with a 5-year standard Warranty.

  2. Aesthetic appearance – Fronius is bigger and heavier compared to most of the other inverters that have a sleeker look.

  3. Noise – Fronius still rely on a fan cooling system. When the inverter is working in the peak times or in the morning when starting or shutting down in the evening it tends to be noisy, Thus it’s not the best inverter to have near a living area.

Why Fronius Is The Best Solar Inverter For Home?

Fronius has been on the verge of immense popularity is due to its ability to create reliability along with its sublime performance amongst the residential and commercial users. It has all the qualities and characteristics that the best inverter for a home should possess. However, Fronius Primo, a sub-type of Fronius inverter had received some flak regarding its supply and defective issues. Still, the fantastic customer service rendered by the Fronius customer support team, along with its solving capabilities, has caught the eyes of its respective clients. Thus, Fronius received positive feedback from the customers.

Why Solar Inverter Is A Crucial Part In Solar System?

The reason a solar inverter is considered to be the most crucial part is due to its proneness to damage or impairment caused by the harsh weather. Raining, snowing, humidity or extreme heat are some of the regularly faced weather-related obstacles that any inverter ranging from expensive to lower-end has to go through, and some inverters have to compromise generating thousands of watts of solar electricity for an incessant period of time in a day. As a result, the more the inverter can be taken care of, the longer it will last and benefit you in terms of generating more power.


Lastly, it is advised that all the prospective clients and customers who wish to install solar systems at their properties with a thought of installing the perfect inverters, Fronius solar inverter can be considered as your ideal choice as it can improve your overall turnover to a greater extent. You can choose to see a wide range of inverters under the Fronius brand, and Solar Era will help you get the best solar inverter for your home and the commercial properties. If you have any query regarding our Fronius inverter review, do feel free to contact us.

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