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Huawei Inverter: Review

Huawei, pronounced “hua way’ is a Chinese communications and technology company known largely for it’s mobile phones and recently became the world’s second largest mobile manufacturer behind Samsung. Having grown rapidly since 2013, Huawei now has over 190,000 employees in 170 countries. However, the company’s research and development capability is staggering with close to 90,000 employees, or almost half the workforce dedicated to R&D.

In regards to Solar, Huawei was mostly unknown outside Asia as they mainly focused on the Chinese and wider Asian commercial and utility scale market in addition to the larger scale European and North American markets. Interestingly they only build string solar inverters, not central inverters, and believe string technology is superior which is becoming the industry trend due to improved monitoring and less costly maintenance.

What Makes Huawei Inverters Unique?

There are several exciting features provided by the newest generation of Huawei inverters which are the reason why they are considered the top of their game in the field of solutions for solar panels. Here are some of these features that make a Huawei inverter unique compared to its competitors.

  1. It sells at a very affordable price, considering it is a “battery ready” product. In fact, they have a high voltage battery already built in.

  2. You can choose to discard the idea of optimizers and install it as a standard, traditional string inverter.

  3. Alternatively, you can also decide to install it with optimizers, perhaps on those panels you know will suffer production losses because they are more exposed to shady areas, or perhaps on all panels altogether.

  4. The IV curve tester is already built in. These tests are able to measure the current and voltage produced by sweeping an electrical load connected to the photovoltaic module.


Thanks to the FusionSolar app, and the possibility of choosing installation with optimizers, a Huawei inverter performance will always reach its peak in energy production. Even if one or more panels are in a situation of low power production because of external or internal reasons, the general system won’t incur into heavy losses, leaving Huawei’s performance as one of the highest in the market.


As we have mentioned previously, Huawei is one of the best companies when it comes to panels’ efficiency. Most of their products top at a maximum of 99% or even more in the case of the SUN2000 series, which is quite an achievement compared to other manufacturers, which are able to reach slightly lower results. All the inverters listed above do not fall below 97%. Efficiency is one of the main aspects to keep into consideration when buying a solar inverter; you want your solar system to produce as much energy as possible, even in unfavorable conditions like shades and low sunlight. If you too believe this is a key point, then Huawei is probably your best choice.


Warranty depends greatly on the country you are installing the solar inverter in, as well as on the specific product you end up purchasing. You can find all the specific information on Huawei Solar’s official website; nonetheless, we provide you here with the warranty terms for some of the most sold Huawei products in Singapore.

The SUN2000-L1 series are protected by a warranty lasting max 120 months, that is 10 years, starting from the date of shipment or installation, whichever is earlier. The SUN2000-450W-P and the Smart PV Optimizer both have a longer warranty duration, up to 300 months which are 25 years.

As briefly mentioned before, these digits are among average, and it might be difficult for you to find warranties covering a longer period of time. Nonetheless, there are companies offering slightly better conditions in terms of warranty, so keep that in mind when comparing different solar brands.

Are Huawei Inverters Right for You?

Huawei has the solution for every necessity. If you are looking for a small, handy solar inverter to apply on top of your house’s rooftop, the Chinese company has several very good options at a reasonable price. Many of them present some advantageous features, such as the ones explored above, which place them at the top of the competition.

If you are looking for something bigger to power your entire commercial building, Huawei offers a few innovative, award-winning inverters to satisfy your needs. They all have been tested and reach quite incredible results, such as an efficiency rate of about 99%, and offer high levels of design flexibility. Whatever your need, Huawei Solar will surely satisfy your requirements.


We hope by now you have a clearer idea on how a Huawei solar inverter is, what are its main characteristics, and what advantages and disadvantages you are met with by buying one. In our opinion, we suggest you do some extensive research to find out what is the one that best suits your needs.

To conclude, we would like to stress the impressive quality these inverters have managed to obtain; it is clear to everyone how Huawei cements itself as the leader not only in telecommunications but in the world of solar inverters as well. Available worldwide at a very competitive price, it will be difficult to find inverters of better quality. The functionalities offered by Huawei are often unmatched in the market for solar inverters, and the innovative drive which has pushed the company forward throughout all these decades will surely lead to even more ground-breaking products in the future.

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