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Do Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Although you may have heard talk that roof leaks can develop after installing solar panels, this definitely isn’t the case. Leaking almost never happens – at least when a highly-experienced licensed solar contractor handles the installation.

When a PV array is mounted properly, the integrity of the rooftop is not compromised. And, although the mounting hardware might require penetration of the roofing materials, an expert contractor – like the team at Solar Era – always takes precautionary steps to prevent roof leaks.

How PV Contractors Guard Against Roof Leaks

No reputable solar contractor will agree to install a PV array on a roof that appears to be in poor condition. If the rooftop is already compromised and likely to leak, adding solar panels could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak.

To further prevent the possibility of roof leaks, contractors surround the mounting bolts with flashing and then completely seal the rooftop penetrations. Sealant is applied to both the flashing and the areas around the drilled holes, and this works to block water from getting through.

How Solar Panels Help To Prevent Roof Leaks

It may sound counter-intuitive, but mounting rooftop solar panels can actually protect the roofing surface and decrease the chance of roof leaks.

Normally, your rooftop is constantly exposed to the elements, and years of harsh weather can cause the surface to deteriorate. When that happens, leaking becomes more likely. But a rooftop with a PV array is less exposed to the elements and the often harsh weather in Singapore. This lessens the amount of damage the roofing material experiences over time. And, with less damage, roof leaks become less probable.

Is Your Roof Ready For Solar Panels ?

As we mentioned above, installing a rooftop PV array almost never causes leaking. But occasionally, leaks occur and, when they do, it’s because the roof wasn’t structurally sound at the time of installation.

Qualified solar contractors can spot clear signs of damage, but problems in the roof deck, frame and sheathing aren’t always obvious. For that reason, if you’re at all concerned about leaking, you should consult with a professional roofer before scheduling the installation of your PV array.

If your rooftop needs extensive repairs to handle solar panels – or, worse, the roofer says you need a new roof – you can explore other options. Mounting the PV array on a different property structure, such as a carport or garden shed, could be the perfect solution. Or, you may want to install a ground-mounted solar system. Otherwise, producing enough energy to power your home won’t be a problem.

At Solar Era, the leading renewable energy provider serving Singapore, we take great care with every PV installation. Choose us, and our in-house staff will design and install a cost-effective rooftop or ground-mounted solar array that maximizes your energy savings.

Solar Era makes it easy for Singapore homeowners to make the switch to solar. To schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to chat with our expert team about installing solar panels, contact us today.

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