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Avoid Utility Inflation

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Cost

Undeniably, the long-term trend for electricity prices is upwards. Over the past decade, electricity prices have risen as shown on below graph. Eliminating or significantly reducing these costs will save you a lot of money in the long run. By going solar, you also protect yourself against rising prices and make your monthly bills more predictable. With solar you produce your own energy, so it takes away the anxiety associated with rising and fluctuating energy prices.

The energy cost plays an important role to influence the price of electricity. More than 80% energy cost contributes in the cost of power generation.

How Solar Reduces Your Electricity Bills

Let’s assume electricity prices will continue to rise by 3% each year. Terrace house owner typically spends about SGD$2,750 annually on electricity. If you buy a solar energy system that meets 100% of your electricity needs today, you will have an extra SGD$2,750 in your pocket a year from now. The following year, when prices go up, you’ll save about SGD$2,790. Your savings will continue to grow for more than 25 years that your solar panels generate electricity, adding up to well beyond SGD$30,000 over the lifespan of your system.

Solar Era will tailor a most suitable solar energy system to maximise your performance based on your needs of system size and budget. As an added benefit, your monthly energy costs will no longer fluctuate because your system is producing electricity energy themselves.

You’ve exchanged one expense for another, but your new expense is:

1. Predictable

2. Lower than your Pre-solar electric bill

3. Consistent over time, without any fluctuations or increases

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