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Renewable, Clean Solar Energy Protect The Environment

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Many homeowners and businesses go solar because they are concerning about the environmental issues like climate change and health problems related to carbon emissions. According to the report that Singapore Government submitted to the United Nations, 50.9 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emitted. Carbon dioxide made up more than 95% of total emission. By installing a solar power system, a typical 2-person household is able to reduce their carbon emissions by 3 to 4 tonnes annually.

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) reports that Singapore's projected 2020 business-as-usual (BAU) emission of buildings that only contribute 13.8% of all carbon emissions. Going solar can help to decrease these effects. Every home or business adopts solar power makes a dent in our pollution levels, the cumulative effect of property owners adopting solar across the country is what really makes a lasting impact.

How does solar energy reduce greenhouse gas emissions? The electricity that solar panels produce is completely emissions free. When you use renewable solar energy to meet your energy needs, you reduce the demand for electricity from your utility. As a result, your utility plant emits less carbon when producing the power needed to meet customer demand. It is really depending on the resources that your utility uses to produce energy. Many people are still reliant fossil fuels like coal but the impact of your decision to go solar could be very significant.

Save Me. Save Earth. Going Solar.

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