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Solar Batteries For Home Use

An Overview of Solar Batteries

When you install battery storage along with your solar panel system, you can store excess solar electricity produced by your panels for use later on when the sun goes down, when your panels are not producing power.

Solar batteries provide many benefits for property owners, including increased savings and disaster resiliency. If your electric utility uses a time-of-use (TOU) rate structure, having solar battery backup can save money on your electric bill. In addition, with net settlement policy, solar batteries are still able to save money on your bill.

Aside from saving money on your electric bill, solar batteries can provide backup power in the case of a grid blackout (but it is very rare in Singapore!). If the power goes out and you have solar electricity stored in a home battery, you can power your home for a period of time using the electricity you generated with your solar panels. The traditional method of powering a home during a blackout is by running a standard diesel generator that costs extra money to fuel and maintain and produces greenhouse gas emissions.

Can You Go Off-grid With Solar Batteries?

Many homeowners, who are shopping for solar, want to use their solar panels to go “off the grid.” Is it possible to go off-grid with a solar panel system that includes a battery? The answer is YES!

Whether you are considering a standard solar energy system or one that includes energy storage, you can receive a best offer from Solar Era. We are able to provide high-quality solar energy system for your home/business, which means you can save 20% or more. You can get a FREE NO OBLIGATION SITE SURVEY from our professional solar consultant teams.

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