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Solar PV System is Cheap Now

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Solar energy is cheap. It is as cheap as it gets because it is free. But installation costs of the system can be significant. The main issue preventing people or companies from going solar are still the capital investment requirements. The key to affordable solar is providing financing, preferable designed specifically for solar. With solar PV systems, there are solutions allowing to minimize, even down to zero, the investment costs related to solar PV systems installation.

Applying financing solutions to high efficiency solar PV systems is a much better idea than buying a system just because it is the cheapest one on the market. A cheap system might be inefficient and generate less energy than a more efficient system that is more expensive to install. Therefore, take into consideration the unit cost of solar energy. Total costs of the solar PV system is divided by total amount of energy generated.

Financing of a solar PV system can be structured so that monthly payments are lower than your current utility bill. This means immediate savings and an immediate improvement in cash flow. Payments can be precisely planned and fixed, contrary to volatile and escalating payments to your utility company.

This is possible because solar technologies are commercially available, there are industry standards, and the components of solar systems are in a mass production. Many parties are willing to invest into solar systems because the risks of such an investment are known, predictable and manageable.

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