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Type of Solar Panel Installations

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are a versatile energy technology that can help electric customers of all kinds with their electricity needs. There are 3 main categories of solar panel installation: residential, commercial/industrial, and utility-scale. They primarily differ in size and location, and also are unique in several other system characteristics.

Residential Solar Panel Installations

Homeowners almost anywhere can benefit from a solar panel installation right on their property. Residential installations are typically rooftop or ground-mounted systems and supply electricity to one property.

Residential Solar

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Installations

Factory rooftops can be a great place for a solar panel project and are categorized as commercial or industrial installations. Commercial solar projects supply energy to small businesses, factories, and more. These installations can be a powerful source of savings for companies and corporations.

Commercial Solar

Utility-scale Solar Panel Installations

Electrical utilities have traditionally generated electricity for the grid using fossil fuels like coal, but they can also provide electrical power to their grid customers with a solar panel installation. Utility-scale solar power plants can be massive, and when combined with storage, can effectively support the power grid.

Utility-scale Solar

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