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Benefits of Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions

Once you’ve decided to install solar panels, next step is to identify a solar solutions provider.

And of course you want to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

One way of doing this is by picking a solar company which takes care of everything- from start to finish. Such companies are also known as turnkey solar solution providers or EPC solar contractors.

On the other hand, some prefer to purchase equipment on their own and hire solar panel installer to complete the job. Some even get tempted to buy ready to use solar panel kits, so purchasing equipment also becomes easier. Or so they think.

But the second type of solar power adopter is missing an important point.

There is much more to solar panel installation than just connecting the panels.

Not sure what that means?

Take a look at the following aspects of solar panel installation. A turnkey solar provider manages all of this, giving their customer a chance to do nothing. Nothing, but just sit back and relax.

How turnkey solar provider simplifies the installation process

1. Site survey to check solar viability

The turnkey solar energy solutions providers perform the complete range of tasks necessary for successful functioning of solar PV panels. Starting from surveying the location, referring the future weather forecast and solar insolation (the amount of solar radiation incident at a particular location); the solar companies would better do it for us.

Bruce Lee said- “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

So, instead of spending hours and days on survey calculations, let the pro in the industry- the turnkey solution provider do it for you.

2. Determining solar power generation capacity and connection type

Solar PV installation can be made in grid-connection or off-grid connection types; depending on the installation capacity and consumption pattern of the client.

The solar companies would determine the power generation capacity by taking into account the structure of your rooftop and the amount of sunlight incident. Accordingly they suggest the best approach of installation for you.

But, the solar solution company won’t impose you the facts collected and calculated plant capacity. They would first quote the plant structure and aspects and then discuss with patience your wish, budget, lookout, financing options, etc and then would plan the next phase of solar power installation.

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3. Solar PV system engineering design

With solar power system, the engineering design is not as simpler because you have to consider the angle, height, weather (wind, rain, etc.), roof structure, etc. because the structure to be built is going to stand intact for more than 20 years, sustaining the harshest of the environment.

Moreover, the mounting structure for the solar array is constructed on already built terrace; hence it should not cause any damage to the building; plus there should be provision for cleaning and maintenance of the system.

For example, a rooftop solar installation by Solar Era Pte Ltd, a solar turnkey solution provider took note of the provision for cleaning required during the design itself.

The solar panels are installed by the professionals; this serves two purposes- first, the panels are handled carefully since the people are familiar with the techniques; and second, your premises are dent free, which may have occurred if the panels are installed by anyone else.

Some of the companies also carry- mock assembly for sophisticated locations, where the people practice the installation at some other place and then keeping note of challenges, they would install the panels at the actual location.

A turnkey solution provider considers factors such as electricity tariffs, power output and usage to prepare a net metering agreement that best suits your needs. Other than technicalities, they manage government approvals, application and documentation of your connection as well.

The turnkey solutions providers also have tie ups with the financing organizations, private investors to ease the financing process. They can suggest the most suitable solar financing options like Solar PPA or Solar loans based on your requirement and facilitate the same.

The solar companies would also streamline the government subsidies and incentives for solar installation. Apart from finances, they take care of the paperwork required for the approvals required by the government in any form.

7. Solar panel efficiency monitoring

The efficiency of solar PV modules is due to depreciate over longer period of time. The solar turnkey solution providers monitor the efficiency of the panels and maintain the uniform efficiency of the panels by taking care of their sub parts.

This is one of the tedious things that anyone could carry on themselves. Though the panels require occasional cleaning but better it be performed by the trained persons or professionals, so that the panels don’t get damaged and even the person don’t get hurt while cleaning.The turnkey solar solution providers manage the operations of the installed equipment and accessories.

Solar power system is a long term investment. And that such investment deserves proper analysis, planning, execution and maintenance. There is always an option of leasing individual work of installation to different solar companies, but it is better that one trusted solar company does the job. That’s because they are familiar with every single aspect of solar installation and can handle unprecedented challenges on the spot.

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