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What is Solar EPC? What they do?

EPC stands for engineering, procurement, and construction. An EPC company provides engineering design, obtain equipment, and then deliver the functioning asset to the client.

What does solar EPC mean?

EPC in solar industry is more sophisticated as solar installation is a long term investment. It incorporates:

1. Detailed Engineering Design of Solar Plant

This includes client’s requirement analysis, site survey, weather monitoring, structural design, power generation capacity determination, selection of equipment, engineering design, and 3D modelling of the proposed solar power plant.

2. Procurement of Equipment

Solar EPC companies like Insolergy Technologies procure equipment and parts required for solar PV plant from local and global manufacturers, freeing the client from the hassle of finding the right supplier.

3. Solar Plant Construction

The solar power plant construction activity involves mounting solar PV panels, accessories, grid / off-grid connectivity along with solar implementation to the client’s existing power supply system.

In solar energy industry, the term EPC often overlaps with ‘turnkey’, which means a complete range of solutions from liaising / government approvals to the final commissioning, operation and maintenance of the solar plant.

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