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Components of Solar Panels

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

The materials used to manufacture the cells for solar panels are only one part of the solar panel itself. The solar panel manufacturing process usually brings together 6 different components. If you are curious about solar panel materials, it may even be a question of wanting a hypothetical “ingredients” list to produce one on your own. There are the common parts of a solar panel as below:

  1. Silicon solar cells

  2. Metal frame (typically aluminum)

  3. Glass sheet for casing

  4. Standard 12V Wire

  5. Bus wire

  6. Plexiglas

In addition to the solar cells themselves, a standard solar panel includes a glass casing at the front of the panel to add durability and protection for the silicon PV. Under the glass exterior, the panel has a casing for insulation and a protective back sheet, which helps to limit heat dissipation and humidity inside the panel. The insulation is particularly important because temperature increases will lead to a decrease in efficiency, resulting in a lower solar panel output. Thus, PV manufacturers must go extra lengths to ensure that light is being captured without the technology being overheated.

There are several factors we should consider when we choose solar panels such as warranties, the longevity of output, efficiency and overall cost. If you still have doubt about how to make right decision on selecting right solar power system, you may contact Solar Era to have our quote and know your savings.

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