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The Relationship Between Solar Power And Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the falling costs of solar power systems, more and more homeowners are installing PV arrays to cover their household electricity needs.

But many are failing to take energy efficiency into consideration when planning their solar power systems, and this ends up costing them money.

When it comes to saving money with solar power, energy efficiency is a valuable tool. Fortunately, you have many options for making your home more efficient when investing in solar power.

Energy Efficiency Gives You More Solar Power Bang For Your Buck

Your energy consumption dictates what size solar power system you’ll need. The more electricity your household uses, the larger your PV array will need to be to generate enough energy to power your home.

Taking steps to increase efficiency will mean your home needs less electricity — and therefore, you can install a smaller and less expensive PV system. But making your home more efficient costs money up front. So does it really make sense to spend the cash on efficiency?

The answer depends on you, your power needs and your budget. Each dollar spent on energy efficiency measures can save you between S$3 and S$5 on a solar array. So let’s say you put S$1,000 into decreasing your electricity consumption — that could translate to savings of up to S$5,000 on your PV installation costs.

But you have many other options for increasing your savings when installing alternative energy systems.

Boost Solar Power Savings With Energy Net Export Rebates

PV power systems are only eligible for net settlement of energy rebates. Many homeowners can save up to 50% on their PV installations by taking advantage of these incredible financial rebates.

In Singapore, Solar Era can help maximize your electricity cost savings with PV power. Are you ready to explore your options for energy independence? Browse our website or give us a call today to learn more about the energy efficiency of solar power.

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